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About Elite
In Elite Ceramics and Marble, one of the branches of the Hassania Group for Ceramics and Marble, Elite is the largest exhibition of ceramics and marble in the southern region, and aims to present tastes that satisfy the elite ...
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Our story

53 years ago we started our experience in the field of construction and the first exhibition was inaugurated at the beginning of the commercial work in 1969 year, and during 1978 we accompanied the urban renaissance and the increasing demand for types of tiles and tiles, and that was with import and import Establishment of the first industrial city in Asir.

In 1986, we started the construction of the first modern integrated factory for the production of tiles and tiles. At that time, the two largest companies were contracted to manufacture machinery and production equipment, and after 4 years the expansion increased and increased the size of the factory area. Abha and Medina.

We have followed the development over the past years and established factories in several southern regions, including the cement products factory, the marble cutting and forming factory in Asir, and we opened the largest marble and granite gallery in marble and granite.

And finally, in 2020, we opened the largest exhibition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for tiles and ceramics of all types and modern European shapes.

We were created, we were creative, we formed, we polished, we designed and impressed us. We started our success from where others ended.

إليت للسراميك والرخام